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Dow Corning® Adhesive and Gasket Technologies for Automotive


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  Meet tough application challenges with advanced silicone adhesive/sealants


Dow Corning® Adhesive and Gasket Technologies for Automotive  For demanding automotive environments and extreme temperatures, we can help you develop solutions to meet your automotive bonding, sealing and gasketing needs.


  Dow Corning® brand silicone and fluorosilicone adhesive/sealants deliver the high performance automotive applications demand. In addition, they also can help you improve productivity.


  Get the bonding, sealing and gasketing properties you need 


  Proven Dow Corning adhesive/sealants are durable, easy to process and have exceptional performance characteristics


        Fuel and oil resistance

        Chemical stability in automotive fluids

        UV, ozone and weather resistance

        Superior adhesive strength

        Stability over a wide temperature range

        Excellent dielectric properties


  Increase your processing efficiency with these high-performance material choices


        One-Part Moisture Cure RTV Adhesive/Sealants

        Two-Part Room-Temperature Condensation Cure Adhesive/Sealants

        Heat-Cure Adhesive/Sealants

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