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Dispensing Equipment

Ellsworth Adhesives distributes Dispensing Equipment and Adhesive Applicators from major suppliers including Fisnar, Techcon, Sealant Equipment, 3M, Loctite, Cox, Bostik, Sulzer Mixpac, Semco and many others. We can help you match the right dispensing system with your material. Whether you are looking for disposable components, like syringes, one-part and two-part cartridges, needles/tips, or static mixers or dispensers and controllers – we have what you are looking for. We also distribute a wide range of hot melt applicators, including 3M Polygun products, applicators from PAM Fastening, Bostik, Loctite/Hysol, and the Thermadose bulk hot melt dispenser from Fisnar.

 All Dispensing Equipment Products


Part# Name Manaufacturer Capacity List Price

QDP INTRODUCTORY KIT Glue Dots QuikDot Pro Dispenser Introductory Kit Glue Dots Enquiry

SD-900 Glue Dots SD-900 Hot Melt Dispenser Glue Dots Enquiry

AUTO DOT PRO Glue Dots Auto Dot Pro Dispenser Glue Dots Enquiry

QDP Glue Dots QuikDot Pro Dispenser Glue Dots Enquiry

P-52 3M Scotch Mainline Dispenser P52 3M Enquiry

ATG752 3M Scotch ATG Dispenser 06927 3M Enquiry

SLEEVE KIT 3M Polygun TC Sleeve Kit 3M Enquiry

POLYGUN TC APPLICATOR 3M Polygun TC Applicator 3M Enquiry

POLYGUN II LT THERMOSTAT 3M Polygun II Repair Kit Special Thermostat 365 Degrees 3M Enquiry

POLYGUN II BENCHSTAND 3M Polygun II Heavy Duty Benchstand 3M Enquiry

POLYGUN II REGULATOR KIT 3M Polygun II Regulator Hose Assembly 3M Enquiry

POLYGUN AE II APPLICATOR 3M Polygun AE II Applicator 3M Enquiry

EXTENSION TIP .072IN(1.25) 3M Polygun II Extension Tip, .072 in Orifice 3M Enquiry

9725 3M Polygun TC Nozzle Tip 3M Enquiry

643B APPLICATOR 3M 643B Applicator 3M Enquiry

34A PNEUMATIC APPLICATOR 3M 34A Pneumatic Applicator 3M Enquiry

600A PNEUMATIC APPLICATOR 3M 600A Pneumatic Applicator 3M Enquiry

600M MANUAL APPLICATOR 3M 600M Manual Applicator 3M Enquiry

400M MANUAL APPLICATOR 3M 400M Manual Applicator 3M Enquiry

310M MANUAL APPLICATOR 3M 310 Manual Applicator 3M Enquiry

EPX PLUS II APPLICATOR 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Plus II Applicator W 2:1 and 1:1 Plunger Model 9170 3M Enquiry

EPX PLUS II 2/1 PLUNGER 3M EPX Plus II 2:1 Plunger 3M Enquiry

EPX PLUS II 10/1 PLUNGER 3M EPX Plus II 10:1 Plunger 3M Enquiry

EPX METAL APPLICATOR 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Applicator 9740 3M Enquiry

EPX 50ML PNEUMATIC APPL 3M Scotch-Weld EPX Pneumatic Applicator 3M Enquiry

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